Business Consulting

In the fast paced business environment, it is difficult to continuously apply your mind to business and strategic functions. 
Let industry experts plug this gap with world class systems, processes and tools designed to make your daily activities efficient and your business tap into growth factors of note.


Financial Management

If you are new to Management, or do not have a strong financial background, we can take the mystery out of Financial Management with our popular financial tools and coaching.

Before you know it, you will be fluent in financial ratios, bench marking, balance sheets, trial balances, income statements and more!

We can also assist you with tools to develop your financial budgets and forecasting - giving you, stakeholders and staff peace of mind.

Strategic Marketing is second only to the company's strategy itself in terms of importance and complexity.

Marketing has moved well beyond the traditional mix of 4P's and to add further to its intricacy is the ever evolving landscape of digital marketing.

SydSen helps you develop quality leads, identify the technologies for your needs and improve your ROI. We also ensure that each of your marketing efforts align with your overall strategy so that everyone in your organisation will understand what your marketing goals are and your plan to achieve them.


Marketing Management

Business processes are so much more than the way you manage daily activities. The advantage of great process design, is Cost Efficiency and Increased Revenue.

Strategically designed process also allows a company to remain agile and responsive to the continuously changing environment - and be faster that its competitors.

The best processes are often exquisitely simple which fosters better staff satisfaction and customer delight.

Process Re-Engineering

Hi-Performance Syndicates

Join our Hi-Performance Syndicates and be part of like-minded, driven professionals.

SydSen's Hi-Performance Syndicates are not just about comparing financial performances to bench marked figures, but rather, a melting pot of innovative ideas, strategies, planning and implementation.

Participants are expected to deliver on commitments made which ensures your business improves and you get a real return on your investment.

Business Tools

Whether it is our forecasting, budgeting and business plan templates, or our innovative Learner Management System (part of our overall HR Suite), eLearning development software, Kufunda Gamification App, Video Interview Tool, or our world class research statistical tools - SydSen has invested both experience and money into business tools that are designed to make your life easier and compliment our ability to provide metrics on everything we do for you.

Premium Package customers receive the benefit of all these tools as part of their monthly retainer.

Business Resuscitation

At SydSen, we fervently believe that it is almost never too late.

Through a strict process of business due diligence, we identify critical issues affecting business performance and then develop and implement strategic plans to recover the business.

Stakeholders including lenders, creditors and investors are consulted throughout the process and if required we negotiate special dispensation to relieve pressure in the short term, to allow growth and recovery in the long term.

This at no risk to the business, as we only recover costs when agreed upon KPI's are achieved.


  • Defining Objectives

  • Budgeting

  • Forecasting

  • Pipeline Management

  • Real Time Business Tools

  • Strategy

  • Process Re-Engineering

  • Business Due Diligence

  • Marketing Management

  • Financial Management

  • Hi-Performance Syndicates

  • Business Tools

  • Business Resuscitation

Our highly qualified, internationally experienced executives are formidable consultants who will be add real value to your business.

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