Sales Concierge

Double your internet closing rates with us and plug the gaps in your sales executive's traditional lead management forever. You don't have to increase leads, if you deal with your existing ones efficiently!


Lead Management

The average car dealership in South Africa only closes between 1% and 5% of submitted leads on the internet, compared to around 12.5% of walk-in leads. Yet 88% of customers who submit – purchase.

Due to unrealistic job scope creep, ill-discipline and outdated lead management processes, businesses continue to haemorrhage precious in-demand leads at alarming rates.


SydSen, with international partners, researched the reasons for the low closing rates, especially on internet leads, and subsequently developed its revolutionary lead management process, which is incorporated in the Sales Concierge service.

As part of the Sales Concierge product, SydSen provides critical lead metrics to measure the efficiency of each step in the sales process.

The data can also be supplied by individual dealership and is completely customisable according to each customer's unique requirements.

By providing comprehensive metrics, we again showcase the return on your marketing investment and provide a platform whereby the system is completely agile. This allows you to make rapid interventions to correct problem areas or campaigns.


Lead Metrics

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John Wanamaker famously said: "Half of my money spent on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don't know which half!"


With Sydsen's Sales Concierge service, we provide daily reporting on the effectiveness of each of your campaigns. This allows you the opportunity to make algorithmic adjustments to digital campaigns or change any traditional campaigns you may be running - before wasting further money.

Sales Concierge by SydSen. More than just a call center.

Live Marketing Effectiveness Measurement

Live Marketing Effectiveness Measurement


  • Internet Lead Management

  • Traditional Lead Management

  • Lead Metrics

  • Live Marketing Effectiveness Measurement

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reporting

  • Effective Escalation Process

When you partner with SydSen, you don't just get a lead call centre service, you get superior lead management, follow-up and quality analytics. We do business the direct and effective way.

We facilitate "Next Events" with customers and coordinate these with your sales executives. Saving them time and freeing them up to do what they do best - selling.

Using carefully crafted scripts and communication processes - we ensure your business stands out from the crowd and keeps your customers' engaged.

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