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SydSen proudly hosts the VOLVO Cars South Africa Training Academy and has a customer base extending from South Africa to the Middle East.

Our wide range of expertise means we are one of only a few companies that can train in diverse fields ranging from Financial Management, Sales, Technical, Marketing and Customer Satisfaction.


Facilitation and




To compliment your blended learning approach, SydSen develops SCORM content to your exact requirements, using the acclaimed Articulate suite of development software.

SydSen's eLearning platform is used successfully in various international markets, including the Asia-Pacific region.

As a result, SydSen can also host your eLearning content with an easy to use and cost effective solution - anywhere in the world.

SydSen has a proud history of developing fresh content, based on the latest best business practices. No cut and paste here!

Our facilitators are highly qualified, industry experienced operators who have a wealth of international experience.

Our mission is to inspire delegates, achieve measurable knowledge transfer and increase performance.


Facilitation and Development

Facilitation and


“Repetition is the Mother of learning, the Father of action, which makes it the Architect of accomplishment.” Zig Ziglar.


Our Kufunda App, provides daily questions to staff and a live leader-board to motivate them to do better.

Easy to use and cost effective, the Kufunda App also provides precious metrics on training needs, allowing you to isolate problem areas and design focused interventions - saving your budget on wide net training programmes.

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Gamification App

Implementation & Coaching

Implementation & Coaching

We prefer a balanced approach to training, which is why we recommend a 3D solution of eLearning, classroom based and in-business coaching.

Not only is this convenient for you and your delegates, but the act of coaching and implementation maginfies knowledge transfer and increases performance.

At SydSen, we pride ourselves on providing world class training that is measurable, actionable and accountable - resulting a genuine return on investment.

We apply a four pillar measurement of ROI, including Kirkpatrick's levels of training evaluation, knowledge transfer, delegate feedback and implementation.

Training Metrics

Training Metrics

If you are looking to cut training costs, or expand your training scope, SydSen provides a total training turnkey service that still maintains extremely high standards.


Our economies of scale means we can provide full administrative support, development, facilitation, coordination and eLearning hosting - utilising our world-class systems and processes.

Turnkey Training Solution

Turnkey Training Solution


  • Financial Management

  • Business Management

  • Marketing Management

  • Sales & Sales Management

  • Fleet / Business to Business Sales

  • Product Knowledge

  • Technical

  • Leadership

  • After-Sales

“Peter is one of the best trainers I have been trained by! I always look forward to his training sessions. Learnt a lot these past two days and I am going to use what I’ve learnt in my business.” – Ndumi Hulley

Customer Feedback

So whether you want a once-off training intervention, or a full blown training academy, Sydsen caters for your exacting needs. We have trained some of the largest dealerships in the world as well as small independents - both bringing us a wealth of experience.

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